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Satish Murthy

Introducing Satish Murthy, the innovative founder of Fonor, a company leading the way in artificial intelligence. Satish's efforts have culminated in the development of an AI-powered emailbot system, leveraging GPT technology. Fonor caters to a variety of industries, including insurance, hospitality, and real estate, and is eager to expand into retail and travel sectors. At Fonor, Satish is dedicated to streamlining business practices, striving to reduce email response time by a staggering 90%. Prioritizing customer security, the company utilizes advanced anonymization techniques to ensure the utmost data protection. Prior to Fonor, Satish set up Qualyon, a venture that introduced an AI-based voice conversational system designed specifically for the insurance industry. Qualyon was crafted to handle interactions from the initiation of a policy to the time of its payout seamlessly. With just a few tweaks in the system, Qualyon was equipped to make or receive calls, managing renewals or service interactions effectively. Satish's tenure at Qualyon was characterized by a commitment to research in Natural Language Understanding. He moved beyond the confines of conventional machine learning techniques, and his distinctive approach led to the creation of a system that mirrored human thought processes, providing an interface that thoughtfully parallels the way we think.

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