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When Fonor meets
Traditional Chatbot

ChatGPT based Fonor offers many advantages over traditional chatbot technology or even human agents in some cases
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Clarity vs Confusion: Understanding Customer Questions

Fonor deciphers natural language to provide concise, clear answers, unlike traditional chatbots that direct users to lengthy documents.
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Consistency vs Inconsistency: Reliability of Responses

Fonor offers uniformly accurate and reliable advice, unlike human agents who can be inconsistent.

Adaptability vs Rigidity: Tailored Customer Service

Fonor adapts to various queries, making it more flexible than traditional chatbots with fixed response sets.

Knowledge vs Ignorance: Informational Depth

Fonor blends general knowledge with specialized understanding, outperforming chatbots limited to pre-set answers.

ROI vs Costs: Efficient Customer Service

Fonor efficiently manages high query volumes, saving you money compared to the costs of a full-time human team.

Speed vs Sluggishness: Document Interpretation

Fonor scans and interprets policy documents in an instant, saving you precious time compared to human agents.
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