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Streamline site assessments with automated, precise photographic evidence annotations

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Enhance risk evaluation with detailed, accurate photo-based property insights

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Accelerate claims resolution with efficient, annotated photographic documentation support

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Smart automation

AI Annotations for Adjusting Photographs

Transform Your Adjustments with Fonor
Capture and Analyze with Precision
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Revolutionize Adjusting with Fonor's AI Technology

Discover how Fonor simplifies photographic evidence collection and analysis for adjusters

Tailored Solutions Across Industries

Discover how Fonor delivers specialized, AI-powered photo analysis for catastrophe, real estate, and vehicle insurance
Fonor Features
Fonor simplifies evidence collection with smartphone and desktop integration. Customizable AI annotations ensure precise, legally compliant reporting.
Effortlessly capture site photos with your phone, instantly saving to the server
Access and manage your projects easily from desktop, enhancing workflow flexibility
Customize reports with criteria sorting for detailed catastrophe insurance assessments
Receive annotations in legal terms, tailored for insurers or clients alike
Download project images and annotations easily for quick adjusting tool integration

We’ve pulled together some basics to help you get started

Can Fonor be used for both indoor and outdoor property assessments?

Fonor is designed for versatility, supporting detailed assessments in both indoor and outdoor environments for comprehensive property analysis.

What types of damage can Fonor's AI accurately annotate?

Fonor's AI can accurately annotate a wide range of damages, including water, fire, hail, and structural issues.

Can Fonor generate reports for different types of insurance claims?

Yes, Fonor can generate tailored reports for catastrophe, real estate, and vehicle insurance claims.

What training is available for new users of Fonor?

Fonor provides online tutorials and customer support to help new users quickly become proficient with the tool.

Can Fonor's AI be customized to meet specific adjuster or insurer requirements?

Yes, Fonor allows for AI customization to align with unique adjuster or insurer requirements, enhancing report relevance.

How does Fonor integrate with my existing claim processing tools?

Fonor offers integration capabilities, enhancing efficiency through organized image and annotation exports for easy copy-paste into tools like Xactimate.

Can Fonor generate reports for different types of insurance claims?

Yes, Fonor can generate tailored reports for catastrophe, real estate, and vehicle insurance claims.

How does Fonor handle large volumes of photos during catastrophic events?

Fonor scales to accommodate large photo volumes, ensuring reliable performance during high-demand periods like catastrophic events.

How are Fonor's AI annotations tailored for legal compliance?

Fonor's AI uses guiding notes to generate legally neutral language, customizable for specific adjuster or insurer needs.

Is Fonor suitable for adjusters with no technical background?

Yes, Fonor is designed with a user-friendly interface, requiring no technical background for adjusters to efficiently use it.


Measuring Success: Fonor's Impact by the Numbers

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